So much has been written on stress, yet so little is done to root it out from the humanity. Mental stress today is the worst enemy of human health and well-being. It is deadlier than the deadliest disease as it affects the mind and emotions which control the whole body.

Modern Life

The modern civilisation has made great strides in providing material comfort to the human being. But along with the good things also come the bad things. Stress is one such by-product of the modern life.

The present economic condition triggered by last year’s melt down is having far-reaching effects in the lives of everyone in the world. Common people are passing sleepless nights. The anxiety of loosing jobs or getting under-paid salaries has given rise to a lot of stress.

Considering the above, I think it is high time that we should turn to Ayurveda, the most ancient medical system in the world, to find solutions to the burning problems of the mankind, including stress.